We work with our clients to create successful, value-focused and high-growth business partnerships

Our partnering model extends to our investor base. We work with our clients to pre-qualify possible investments and opportunities and to uniquely position our clients to enable them to create value and work through to an exit.

Our approach, through understanding overarching corporate strategy, allows us to be flexible in our approach, consider innovative solutions and safe-guard the interests of our investors.

At any time we are raising funds for numerous projects across a range of industries, platforms and stages of development.  This might include:

  • Investments in listed companies (ASX, TSX-V, AIM)
  • Investments in unlisted companies
  • Bridging investments as companies transition from unlisted to listed markets (for example IPO/RTO funding)
  • Investments in targeted emerging sectors or geographies
  • Other types of instruments including, quasi-equity, debt and convertible securities (depending on the funding requirements, growth prospects and exit strategy)
  • Short term and long term exit opportunities
  • Distressed assets/business opportunities.

Our investment opportunities operate in Australia, Africa, North and South America, Europe and Asia across mining and agriculture, clean energy, digital technologies, medical devices, aged care recruitment, financial services, business services and more.

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