We provide a pragmatic approach to capital raisings

Our process is to understand (or define) our client’s corporate strategy, overlay funding requirements and valuation inflection points to provide unique capital raising solutions. We prefer to partner with our clients through the capital raising journey to ensure our goals are aligned and the company’s corporate strategy is achieved.

We hold Australian Financial Services Licence No: 230 161.

Our services include:

  • Underwriting listed public company issues
  • Placements for listed and unlisted companies
  • Acquisition financing including as a principal
  • Seed capital sourced principally from our client database
  • Start up capital as partners
  • Debt for listed companies including convertible notes
  • Other debt or bridge financing requirements for unlisted companies

Recent Clients and Transactions

Listed Companies

  • Ensurance Limited (ASX:ENA)
  • 2016 - current
  • Joint Manager and Underwriter to approximate A$15 million in capital and debt raising
  • Compass Gold Corporation (TSX-V:CVB)
  • 2009-current
  • Corporate Adviser and Lead Manager for a series of capital raisings totaling approximately C$8.8 million (A$11 million)
  • Corporate Adviser to A$10 million asset divestment (2013) and;
  • A$12 million asset acquisition and capital raising (2017)
  • Agency Group Australia Ltd (ASX:AU1)
  • 2016 - current
  • Joint Manager and Underwriter to A$6 million capital raising
  • Corporate Adviser to top level acquisition in 2018 (deal value approximately A$20 million)
  • Oklo Resources Limited (ASX:OKU)
  • 2007-2016
  • Corporate Adviser, Lead Manager and Underwriter for a series of raisings over a 10 year period.
  • In excess of A$23 million raised
  • BIR Financial Limited (ASX:BIR)
  • June 2018
  • Underwriter to A$5 million public offering

Unlisted Companies

Cheetah. Resources
  • Cheetah Resources Limited
  • June 2016
  • Manager and Adviser to A$600,000 seed round
  • Second seed round and potential IPO scheduled for FY19
  • Prostacare
  • 2015 to current
  • Manager and Adviser to approximately A$8 million in pre-IPO/seed funding in capital raising (including preference shares)
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  • West Africa Lime Company Limited
  • 2010 - current
  • Corporate Adviser and Manager to a series of debt and equity raisings totalling approximately A$64 million
  • Veromo
  • 2009-current
  • Corporate Adviser and Manager to a series of debt and seed equity raisings totaling approximately A$2.5 million
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