We build innovative, profitable, global investment opportunities in emerging and high-growth categories, markets and technologies

Through direct investment, private equity, corporate strategy, profitable insights and global business networks we advise, fund, manage and exit from high-growth and emerging businesses across the globe. With clear strategic direction, an ambitious, progressive corporate plan and passion for the project, we work with our clients and build innovative business partnerships across multiple categories, markets and technologies.

Our diverse project categories include mining, agriculture, aged care, clean energy and financial services in Australia, Africa, North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Our attributes include:

  • Leader in developing assets over 30 years
  • Successful liquidity events across industries and geographies
  • Long term successful partnerships
  • Value driven approach leads to successful building of assets
  • Significant and successful investor for over 10 years in Mali and other emerging countries
  • Founder of Australia’s leading aged care adviser Mirus Austarlia
  • Strong player for over 10 years in renewable and clean energy
  • 30 years history in medical device investment

Current Asset Development

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