About Us

For over 30 years, Transocean Group has provided innovative capital and strategic solutions to business owners, boards and financial investors.

Our unique, personal approach creates positive, profitable investment opportunities across a range of industries in Australia and throughout the world.


  • Founded in Perth, Western Australia over 30 years ago, Transocean was the brainchild of James Henderson who had a vision of providing high quality investment and advisory services for emerging companies in Australia.
  • In 1998, following initial strategic work with clients in Canada, Transocean established itself in the emerging Canadian technology and mining sectors.
  • Transocean subsequently opened an office in Singapore with a view to linking Asian investors with Australian and Canadian opportunities.
  • In the following years Transocean completed a large number of significant transactions and continued to forge strong links with international investors.
  • In 2007, Transocean launched in Mali, West Africa. Since that time we have created investment opportunities across diverse industries including agriculture, gold and limestone.
    Today we remain active in gold exploration through Compass Gold Corporation. Transocean is also a founding shareholder of West Africa Lime Company Limited having worked with the company to raise in excess of €40 million to progress the production of Burnt Lime and Agricultural Lime in Mali.
  • In 2010, Transocean was a founding partner of Mirus Australia, which has grown to become Australia’s leading independent aged care advisory group, currently with clients covering over 30% of all aged care beds in Australia.
  • Today, Transocean continues to focus on opportunities in emerging markets and companies. With continued global reach from our advisory team and investment partners we retain our ability to quickly assess opportunities, access resources and work with our clients and investors to grow value.
  • We hold Australian Financial Services Licence No: 230 161.


Asset Development

Through passionately executed, ambitious corporate plans, our unique experience creating innovative corporations builds high-growth investment opportunities for corporate entrepreneurs, progressive professional partners and forward-thinking financial investors.


Funding Network

With an extensive global network, we enter early into high-growth investment opportunities with a secure pipeline of direct and private equity investment. Our global partners create profitable business outcomes for each organisation’s extended network of global stakeholders.


Financial Growth

Our corporate values of honesty, integrity, creativity, flexibility and social responsibility ensure that each investment opportunity has the greatest capacity to create value and grow wealth for its owners, partners, investors, customers and communities. We are as passionate about the organisations we work with as the owners, investors and shareholders we support.

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