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Our business model includes partnering with our clients to align corporate strategy and values.

Market leader in aged care advisory services

Transocean was a cornerstone founding shareholder of Mirus and provided initial debt facilities. Today, Transocean retains it’s shareholding and remains active in the business as corporate advisers and board members.

Mirus Australia was established in 2010 to provide comprehensive advisory services to the Aged Care sector with a focus on residential aged care providers. The Company founders, having worked with over 30 providers before setting up Mirus Australia, saw an opportunity to build an organisation that could cater to a wider range of needs in the sector.

Mirus today is a leading technology and advisory business with the goal of helping aged care organisations provide the best care for their residents and staff  by providing expertise in revenue, marketing and admissions and workforce management.

Mirus is Australia's leading independent aged care advisory group, currently with clients covering over 30% of all aged care beds in Australia.

WALC (2)

Creating new industries, replacing imports, generating local jobs and providing solutions to improve agricultural yields

Transocean is a founding shareholder of West Africa Lime Company Limited (WALC), partnering with Dr Madani Diallo to build the first commercial burnt lime kiln in Mali. Transocean remains a major shareholder and board member and actively undertakes all capital raising and corporate advisory activities.

WALC was formed in 2010 as a partnership between Dr Madani Diallo and Transocean to identify alternative resources for exploitation in Mali. The partners recognised that burnt lime was a key reagent to the gold mining industry and secured major resources. WALC was formed and the company proceeded to build a 100t per day burnt lime kiln and related operations, now selling to major mining companies and into local markets. The board further identified a number of other limestone deposits suitable for agricultural lime production and is now selling into local markets. This specifically supports the poor acidic soils in Mali and is having substantial positive results in agricultural yields across cotton and food industries.

Some €40 million (A$64 million) has been invested into WALC’s projects and facilities and the company is now positioned for further expansion in it’s production capacity

ProstaCare introduces ProstaFix - a gentle, minimally invasive procedure fixing the root cause of prostate enlargement

Transocean is a founding shareholder having arranged the transaction to acquire key intellectual property supporting the Prostacare technology. Transocean remains an active part of management, board member and corporate adviser.

Prostacare is a Sydney based privately held corporation that was formed to commercialise products developed by Ionix Medical (USA). The Company’s first product is the office-based prostaFix System for treating enlarged prostates (BPH). Manufacturing, testing and regulatory work is being performed by Seleon (Germany). BPH is a common condition generally affecting men over age 50 that causes difficulty in urination and significantly reduces quality of life.

The prostaFix treatment system is proving to be a highly effective and comfortable office-based procedure with minimal side effects and will be an attractive alternative for urologists. Prostacare plans to seek first the CE Mark opening up several large markets followed by individual countries including the USA.

Managed talent solutions

Transocean is a founding shareholder and founding partner of this disruptive recruitment business model.

Amadeus is a disruptive Management Consultancy that provides a place for leading consultants to live and work with equal freedom.  This mantra creates a diverse and thriving workforce who are empowered to dream, create and live out their purpose. Partnering with Amadeus you can expect a refreshing approach with tangible solutions to any hiring, on-boarding or people performance requirement.

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