Asset Development

Transocean Group's Asset Development business focuses on the development of potential high growth businesses through a combination of direct investment, raising private equity, corporate strategy services, practical insights and introductions to business networks.

This business functions similarly to private equity investment, however we typically take a strategic investment at an early entry point and provide a more hands-on approach to the development and value growth of a given company.

Whilst the end game remains an exit, we work closely with the company, with aligned shareholder objectives, to build sustainable business models and maximise value creation. A flexible approach is adopted for the timing and nature of the exit strategy.

Our investments have included businesses in developing countries such as Mali and investments in a number of industries such as mineral resources, energy, bio-fuels and medical and diagnostic products.  

Examples of our current Asset Development deals include:

Mali Lime - developing a project in Mali to produce lime, which is a key input for the growing gold industry in West Africa




Mali Gold - a joint venture partnership holding licences over a number of prospective gold tenements in West Mali, including those licences jointly held by Compass Gold Corporation (TSX ticker: CVB) through its 51% ownership of Africa Mining



Ionix Medical - commercialisation of a 'game changing technology' in treating non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate, a very common health problem for men over 50. Please click here for further information.




AAP Carbon - power generation company and carbon asset management partner promoting the development of the carbon market by focussing on the origination, accreditation and financing for renewable energy projects. Please click here for further information.


Digital Shelf Space - is an independent creator and producer of home entertainment content and an online distribution provider to digital retailers, content owners and aggregators. Please click here for further information.


Green Solutions Investments - converting solid waste in Asia into clean energy

Assets we have successfully exited from recently include:

  • Guidance Interactive Healthcare   a start-up medical device company sold to major pharmaceutical in 2008 at significant multiples of initial investment