Capital Raising and Corporate Strategy Services

Transocean Group was established to provide innovative capital and strategic services to the emerging company sector. These services include –

  • providing capital and debt raising services
  • devising and communicating corporate strategy related to capital management plans
  • developing plans for market support and value enhancements
  • finalising transactions for our clients

Our approach is to consider each client's specific needs over a medium-term time horizon, with our fee structures encouraging an equity component to align us with their specific goals, whether these are for management or shareholders, or both.

We have a track record of providing innovative and flexible outcomes to our clients' corporate strategy issues. This might include a “package” solution that addresses appropriate issues with management and shareholder groups, preparing the client for a fresh approach to a corporate strategy.

From a capital raising perspective, the emerging company sector supports raisings of up to A$100m, however our expertise and networks support higher capital raisings depending on company and asset specific analysis. Our preferred equity capital raising range is A$5m - A$50m, although our investors / funders will also support a series of value-accretive smaller capital raisings if this is part of an agreed corporate strategy.